What are the legal requirements for a marriage conducted in Australia?

One of the first questions asked by couples wishing to marry, is “what are the legal requirements?”

What are the legal requirements for marriage in Australia?
1) Establish your identity beyond doubt. This means your name, place of birth and date of birth. If previously married you must provide an original Certificate of Divorce.
If either party is under 18 years of age a court order will be required. An original birth certificate plus another photo ID I exactly the same name is ideal.
2) Find a Commonwealth registered Marriage Celebrant who you are happy to employ for the ceremony. He or she should have a letter from the Attorney General’s Dept. stating they have an “A” number. You must be comfortable that this person will
provide the atmosphere and professionalism you demand for your wedding
3) The celebrant will then provide a NOIM for you to fill in and to be witnessed at least one calendar month prior to the wedding date. (NOIM is a Commonwealth document advising the celebrant of your Notice Of Intended Marriage)The celebrant must pass
a document entitled “Happily Ever… Before and After” to the both parties to read and keep.
4) Shortly before the wedding date, the couple must sign a “No Legal Impediment”
document which is on the back of the official marriage certificate.
5) On the wedding day the couple must provide 2 witnesses over the age of 18 . The
celebrant must read a “monitum” to the couple and the witnesses must be able to
witness what is said. The couple must then exchange the legal vows so they can be
heard by both the celebrant and the witnesses.
6) The couple, the witnesses and the celebrant must sign the official wedding certificates as
well as the Form 15 certificate the couple take with them. The Form 15 cannot be
replaced. It is the fancy certificate couples are always photographed with.
7) The celebrant must forward documents to the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages in
the state where the marriage took place within 14 days. The couple can then request
an official copy of their marriage certificate from that office if they require it.

If you have any other questions regarding the legal requirements for your wedding please email me on the contact details below

Please also note the wedding certificate you receive at your wedding, known as  a Form 15, may not always be recognised by some institutions as satisfactory proof of marriage.  For weddings conducted within NSW, I can order your official certificate from the NSW Office of Births Deaths and Marriages, saving you a lot of work in the future, and have that delivered directly to you after the wedding at cost + $15

Happy marriage celebrant

Celebrant Phil Timbrell making the day a happy day for everyone