What are the marriage legal requirements for a marriage conducted in Australia?

This brochure covers the legal requirements for marriage in Australia

Free pdf available on legal requirements

One of the first questions asked by couples wishing to marry, is “what are the legal requirements?”

If you would like a simple one page pdf of the legal requirements I put together in 2015, please drop me an email at or drop me a text to 0418654525 and I will send a copy back to you.  It clearly spells out the steps involved in marrying in Australia.

Please also note the wedding certificate you receive at your wedding, known as  a Form 15, may not always be recognised by some institutions as satisfactory proof of marriage.  For weddings conducted within NSW, I can order an official certificate from the NSW Office of Births Deaths and Marriages, and have that delivered directly to you after the wedding.

Happy marriage celebrant

Celebrant Phil Timbrell making the day a happy day for everyone