Blue Mountains lookouts –

which one will you choose?

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On this page you will find some of my favourite Blue Mountains lookouts for your wedding.  Lookouts where a group can meet for an elopement style wedding with a view that will astound you.

At the top of the mountains with stunning views in all directions. Only suitable for a small number of guests within the fenced area Access requires climbing about 12 rather steep steps.

The following image is certainly worth a look providing a private platform looking down a steep cliff into the Megalong Valley – classic Blue Mountains


A magnificent spot in the Blue Mountains for a micro wedding or elopement

An unfenced lookout mid mountains looking South to East
This lookout features both a fenced and a mere 30 metres away an unfenced lookout for those with no fear of heights. Looks East
Only 15 minutes from Penrith with easy access from the car park, this lookout faces West. Includes sandstone seating Ideal for an early morning wedding
This fenced lookout faces due South – mid Mountains
A 15-20 minute walk in from the car park for this view East back towards Sydney
Setting up for a wedding with stunning views North and North West
This lookout on a cliff edge (with safety fence) looks South. Stunning
Views North West to Mt Tomah, and definitely not on the tourist trail.
Only 15 minutes drive from Penrith and very easy walk in from car park for views to Mt Tomah
An interesting rock formation in the upper mountains.
In the upper mountains, fairly easy walk from carpark
This is me at a wedding expo promoting Blue Mountains lookouts for weddings. The Blue Mountains also features a huge array of dining facilities where one can go afterwards to celebrate