One wedding per day

Only one wedding per day is my guarantee.  Professional and experienced yet informal.  Having once witnessed a celebrant hurrying through a ceremony to attend another wedding I decided that if I ever became a celebrant I would commit to a policy of only one per day.

Imagine for one minute learning that your celebrant had to leave your ceremony and rush to another wedding on the same afternoon.  He or she had not guaranteed to only do one ceremony on the day and as such could not give absolute priority to your special day.  I warrant only one wedding per day.

simple natural outdoor backyard wedding

Simple but naturally beautiful outdoor wedding by Phil Timbrell

Make it one per day but make it a good one and put your heart and soul into it.  Most couples expect that the celebrant will be there for them at any time on their wedding day, maybe a last minute phone call, maybe a chat about a change of witness or a weather event resulting in a last minute change of venue.  The celebrant must be able to react quickly and focus on that couple's needs.  If the celebrant has several weddings on the same day this may prove impossible.  As I am conducting weddings for the fun of it and to help make it a happy day for you, I warrant to only ever have perform one wedding on any one day. Call me on 0418 65 45 25 to discuss your special needs.  I am available any day of the week