Planning to Propose on New Years Eve

If you are planning to propose marriage on New Years Eve read on.

Marriage is to be taken seriously under Australian law.  Because of this it is mandated by law that you give a Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrant at least one month’s notice (as defined in the Marriage Act) before the marriage can take place.

So if you are planning to propose marriage to your loved one on 31st Dec you still cannot actually be married until you have visited a Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrant, completed a Notice of Intention to Marry form, and then wait one month.

Proposal New Years Eve

New Years Eve

On that basis if you contact me on New Year’s Day (which you can) and we meet and you then complete your NOIM form on that day, I can marry you early in February but not before (assuming compliance with other aspects of identification and marital status).   So please think carefully before proposing, however if you are serious, you can call me on 0418 65 45 25 on New Year’s Day and if we can meet then we can complete the NOIM on that day.


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Commonwealth-registered Marriage celebrant Penrith Blue Mountains

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Please excuse the fact that I have omitted the apostrophe from New Year’s Eve however this is necessary in this circumstance.  Apostrophes are very important and must be in the correct place however internet URLs do not like them and the text should be the same as the URL

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A retired Engineering Manager with a sense of humour and a love of mathematics, Italian Opera and British comedy. I might be the wrong side of 50 but I have the energy and drive of a 20 year old. In addition to celebrancy work I also work doing some consulting work for manufacturing companies such as Actron Air, and fly radio control aircraft in Penrith. As a retired electronics engineer I also spend many ours fine tuning my 3 different audio system for the best wedding audio you will experience.


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