Sound system

The sound system will meet the needs of a small, medium or large number of discerning guests, even if there is no 240V power available!

A technical paper on public address systems is available for reading or download.  Click this link. How many watts per guest_2

Best sound system available

The sound system I provide can cater for a small party still wanting to read their vows over a microphone, up to a large party of 200.

The bottom centre photo, taken at Chapel Hill Retreat ,shows the Roland PA system running from a portable mains supply (circled).  No cables to be seen even though this wedding was held in the building due to rain.  This system is ideally suited to weddings in remote locations where mains operated equipment may be required.   There is also a small PA that is barely visible but can make your voices easily heard.

Allview Escape with PA system

Allview Escape. PA system set up for 150 guests in the open.

For a medium sized wedding I have a Roland PA system that sits at least 2 metres above ground level so it can be clearly heard by guests both standing and seated.  In the photograph I have my Roland set up in an area with no mains power but with equaliser, dual mic inputs and music input and a spare input channel.  The 150 guests could hear every single word.  Note the use of sandbags to stabilise the 100kg rated tripod in the event of a wind gust.  Photo taken at Allview Escape on March 24th 2018.

Videography for this wedding was by DnM videography.

The system features a portable mains power supply plus a Behringer equaliser which allows each input channel to be amplified or attenuated according to the supply.

Mulgoa Valley Receptions

Happy Day at Mulgoa Receptions

There is a hands free wireless microphone for use by the celebrant, plus either 1 or 2 wireless hand held microphones for the couple and guests to use for exchange of vows or readings.

Whilst the attached photo may look a bit untidy, it shows off the equipment setup mounted behind the PA and out of site.

The following photo (taken at Parklands, Blackheath) shows the complete setup providing mixing and individual channel amplification at the celebrant’s lectern for music plus 3 microphones.

Sound quality is something often overlooked by celebrants and yet the words that are spoken must be heard clearly by all guests.

The Happyday Celebrant prides himself on the PA system that comes as part of the package if requested.  And it can all be powered by a battery and inverter so even if the lights go out – the sound will stay on!

For a large wedding, I can provide a larger professional graphic equaliser with 120 watt output coupled to a pair of Wharfedale speakers each rated at 120 watts rms.

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