The Plebiscite on Same Sex Marriage

Well we were promised a plebiscite on same sex marriage before the election.  When will it be held?  Do we need it?

Prior to the election, opponents of the plebiscite were angered when it had been suggested the plebiscite could be held soon after the election.  Now we have been politely told it will most likely not be until next year.  What is interesting is that the Marriage Act had been altered by the Howard Government in 2004 to state “union of a man and a woman” by an act of parliament, not by a plebiscite.  Yet it will take a plebiscite to undo this change.  Really?  And the plebiscite will not be binding and it has not yet been laid down in concrete as to if the plebiscite will be by electorate or by individual vote.  It was interesting to watch discussion on this on Sunday’s Insiders on the ABC.

An interesting debate by any standard and one worth watching.

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